McBess Coffeetable

A furniture collaboration with illustrator and rock musician McBess

The tabletop is made from a massive piece of acorn wood, crafted out of a full plank. The wood is finished smoothly and coated with a clear protective coating, to protect the wood and art against fluids and scratches. Topped off by a hand-screen-printed piece of art, done by McBess. Held is the table by four heavy duty  legs, hand bent and welded from rough steel. Finished with a clear coating to prevent rust. The legs are bolted into the wood by 2 thick 8mm screws. They can be taken on and off for transport and shipping. The size of the table is 90x55x45cm, which is the size of a coffeetable.

Each table is hand-crafted in Germany, with only high quality materials

Priced at 600€ is each table manufactured by order. Please allow us 2 Weeks until the table can be prepared for shipping.

Feel free to contact us for further informations and orders.